Jordyce and Peter van Muyden


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Itís beautiful around our house when the snow is fresh2007-11-04


Some great shots of Cao and a couple of our house 2007-11-25


Taken around our house on New Yearís Eve2007-12-31


Lots of snow and a forecast of -36 Celsius2008-01-27


Pictures of Peterís woodturning


Animals around our place


Our 2008 trip to Holland

††††††††††† Miscellaneous

††††††††††† Jeroen and Max playing field hockey

††††††††††† Delta Lloyd regatta

††††††††††† The town of Medemblik

††††††††††† The largest flower auction in the world

††††††††††† The Zuiderzee Museum


2010 Cayman Islands


Australia Christmas 2012


Australia Christmas Sailing 2012