The Unique Sailnumber checker program is a Windows program that identifies the number of last digits that are needed to have an unique sailnumber list.  The communication with the program is via the windows clipboard.  Sailwave has a few built in features that facilitate the population of the clipboard, but you could also use other programs like Excel.

The clipboard can contain any character, but only numeric and letters (when the option is selected) are used.

Options and displays.

Output for each of the categories (Last 2 numbers, Last 3 numbers, Last 4 numbers, Last 5 numbers, and Sail numbers)

Duplicates: Total number of category duplicates.

Distincts: Total number of category unique numbers

Distinct duplicates: Total number of distinct category duplicates.  i.e. If the Last 2 numbers are 11,23,34,54,11,23 and 23. There are 6 duplicates, 2 distincts and 4 distinct duplicates

Using the Sailwave export to clipboard function to populate the clipboard with the selected fields.

The Radial Youth Worlds had 3 flights/fleets of boys and one fleet of girls.  The Sailwave export function can be used to select just one flight/fleet.

Export the sailnumber and fleet fields

Press the Preview tab to display the exported data

Highlight the required data.  In this case I selected just the Boys Silver fleet.

Right click copy or press ctrl-c to copy the highlighted records to the clipboard.   Below is the result after processing the clipboard contents.

The last 3 numbers printed report



In the HTML browser and printed reports, all duplicates are bolded, italicized and surrounded with a dashed box

HTML Sailnumber browser report:   

Printed version

HTML Last 3 numbers browser report:   


Combined HTML Last 3 numbers (first 2 columns) and Last 4 numbers (Last 2 columns) browser report:   

Printed version